What is Better For Baking Gas or Electric?

Some people think that cooking on gas stoves is more expensive, while others feel like cooking on electric stoves bust the utility budget. Others say that food is moister when prepared in a gas oven. Then some people may insist that electric ovens create a consistent temperature that provides ample cooking abilities.

Electric does have a more accurate temperature basis and is better for baking. However, gas ranges have come a long way and now have equally good reputations for baking. Research shows that electric ovens do have a more even heat that is consistent. This is the reason that many people who bake cakes and other desserts swear by them. For people who like to broil vegetables and meats, the electric oven wins again. Some people say that they can still cook on a gas stove when the electric goes out while others worry about possible risks of dangerous gas leaks from a gas stove.

0e7008Environmentally speaking, the gas stove gets higher marks because of the instant flame you get as soon as you turn the knob. You do not have to spend as much time for the electric oven to heat up or cool down like you do for an electric one. So people who are concerned about the environment and want a more energy-efficient home will often choose gas stoves.

A lot of homes are all electric and are not even set up for gas. They will automatically choose electric when purchasing a stove. Some older homes were set up for natural gas and did not even have the 220 power outlet for an electric stove, so gas is the natural choice. These decisions are not necessarily unchangeable. If you live in a home that has a natural gas supply, you may opt to have an electrician run a 220-volt outlet in your kitchen for an electric stove. If you have an electric home and prefer a gas range, you would need access to a gas source near your house before a contractor could set up a gas stove for you. Unfortunately, newer electric homes do not have a nearby gas supply, and this would not be an option.

70L_Electric_oven_42LSo this debate actually boils down to preference. There are economic arguments to both sides; however, electric stoves tend to be cheaper to buy than their gas counterparts. The preference is going to depend on the cook. All will agree that the most important thing is being able to produce delicious and healthy meals that your family will love.