The Importance of the Proper Knife in the Kitchen

There are numerous fancy culinary gadgets available. However, nothing is as important as a good set of knives. Ask any chef and they will tell you the same, their knives are the tools of their trade. There are numerous brands available in all styles, and there is a knife suitable for every task in the kitchen. The prices can range anywhere from $30 a knife to over $100 just for one. Just follow the link and you will definitely find what you are are looking for: You need to know exactly what you are looking for to avoid spending a small fortune. If you make your purchase wisely, then there is no reason your knives cannot last a lifetime.


You may be surprised to hear that you only truly need four knives in your kitchen. Any chef will tell you it is not in the numbers, but rather in the quality of knife that you have. Any infomercial or home shopping channel may tell you differently, but those big block of knives are not necessary. A properly prepared kitchen must have the following:

Chef’s Knife

This knife is about eight inches long and an inch wide. It is the most important knife you will ever buy. It is used for chopping vegetables and meat. It should never cost more than forty dollars for this knife. If you pay more than that you have paid too much. The best knives in this category are the Japanese Ceramic versions or the German steel varieties.

Paring Knife

This knife is small and should be no longer than four inches. It is essential for making small cuts or peeling potatoes. Many use these knives to get the veins out of the shrimp or to peel fruits and vegetables. They come in a broad range of prices. Though you can spend as little as twenty dollars, don’t ever spend more than seventy. A good German knife will fall somewhere in the middle.


This wide knife is typically around six to eight inches in length. If you are going to cook any meat, you want a sharp knife that will cut poultry with ease. You can buy joined meat and save a ton of money at the supermarket. Cleavers come in all price ranges. They tend to get really expensive. It is nothing to pay one hundred dollars for this knife. However, make sure to get one that matches your needs, serrated or not.


Fillet Knife

It’s small at only four to six inches, but this knife is extremely sharp. It is used for fish or meats. Again, buying larger cuts of meat and preparing them into meal size portions is much cheaper when you have the right tools. A good knife should be around $40-$50. However, you can find some pretty decent models for around $20.

Once you have your four knives, make sure to invest in a great knife sharpener. It will allow you to keep your investment in top shape and preserve their usability when you need them most.